L'origine du nom LiliWarrior

The origin of the name LiliWarrior

A name is the soul of a brand, of its founders, of its community.

For our brand which helps women become the best version of themselves day after day, we needed a name that encompasses the notions of:

• candy
• firmness
• everyday warrior (the famous warrior)
• the transformation mania
• joy

The word Warrior stood out to me as obvious. I have been using it for many years during its live sessions to push my faithful BootCampeuses always a step further in surpassing themselves. But to this strong word which takes us back to the everyday warrior that all women are, we had to oppose a soft word, which represents gentleness. This word should be easy to pronounce in all languages. The lily, this beautiful and royal flower at the same time, sent us back to the queen that we also are, in short, its Anglo-Saxon diminutive won the case: lili therefore.

The result : LiliWarrior is born!

The Lili Warrior team
Athleisure, eco-responsible and socially impactful
PS: follow us on Instagram @liliwarrioroff

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