Orders & Deliveries


We accept orders from all over the world and do our best to accept the most common currencies in the world, including EUR, USD, CAD.

Certain currencies may not be accepted on our site or by our banking partners. Lili Warrior will not be held responsible for this inability to order.

We accept payment by credit card and Paypal. Payment by check is accepted only upon request sent to warrior@liliwarrior.com. Due to the administrative burden involved in this type of payment, orders paid by check are considered final sales, with no return or exchange possible.


We deliver worldwide as long as a national mail delivery infrastructure exists.

In atypical cases, please contact us warrior@liliwarrior.com so we can figure out how to help you. We really want to help you wear Lili Warrior, so don't hesitate.

Delivery times may be disrupted by the global situation (natural disaster, or COVID for example). Read the full conditions in the General Conditions of Sale.