Eco-responsible and vegan athleisure clothing

LiliWarrior is a brand of athleisure (fitness, lifestyle) clothing and accessories for women and teens.

All our products are eco-responsible: organic cotton, recycled materials, vegan and biodegradable inks.

Lili Warrior: by women, for women!

At LiliWarrior , we love men, but we really wanted to involve more women in the process of creating, sourcing, marketing and manufacturing eco-responsible fitness outfits to give them an extra chance to express their talents.

LiliWarrior is a brand resolutely focused on the feminine spirit, but with us, even men let their creativity and business sense speak and everyone is welcome!

That's why rather than describing the team using the words "woman" or "man", we use "warrior".

Social Responsibility of LiliWarrior

LiliWarrior practices a respectful approach towards all human beings, regardless of their age, weight, skin color, culture, gender or religion.

In creation, research and design, we have five warriors in three different countries; in marketing: four warriors in three different countries; and in social networks: another warrior.

When it comes to manufacturing, we have warriors who receive fair wages (no exploited labor!), whose supervisor, Maggie, is a young and motivated warrior; and customer service: two other super-mom warriors who take care of their families while working from home.