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Las Vegas “Sourcing Magic”

Las Vegas Sourcing Magic: it is the most important annual tradeshow in the fashion world in the USA and which brings together suppliers of raw materials, manufacturers, and buyers.

This year, a large part was given to suppliers in 100% eco-responsible fashion: recycled fabrics, organic cotton, vegan inks, biodegradable inks, manufacturing processes with very limited use of water, upcycled materials, and more.

Our founding CEO, Valerie Orsoni, went to meet these potential new partners.

Its choice fell on several new potential partners:

  • a Portuguese company that manufactures organic cotton t-shirts using biodegradable inks,
  • a Chinese company that makes beautiful ethically harvested cashmere sweaters
  • a Japanese company that manufactures bags from vegan leather made from apple waste used in the fruit juice industry (!)
  • a leading American company in the manufacturing of hats made from recycled materials
  • an Indian partner for their superb yoga pants
  • and more…..
Las Vegas sourcing magic

There were very few European companies, to count on the fingers of one hand. And only two in the “eco-responsible” zone.

We can't wait to show you what all these Las Vegas Sourcing Magic meetings will bring!

The Lili Warrior team
Athleisure, eco-responsible and socially impactful
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