L'origine du logo LiliWarrior

The origin of the LiliWarrior logo

A logo is the work of reflection, analysis, and science and then... One day, we drop the graphic side of the thing to let our heart speak, and that's where the soul of a brand is born. Valérie Orsoni created the LiliWarrior logo by drawing inspiration from his coaching sessions, his numerous lives and his desires. To learn more about the name LiliWarrior,  it's this way !

This logo Lily Warrior therefore represents the letters L and W intertwined. It turns out that combining these two letters gives a bit of a crown shape... And since we are warriors and queens, a crown makes sense!

So, a rather round crown or one with square angles, well that led to more than one reflection and hours of insomnia, until one day, it was necessary to decide!

In terms of color, ORANGE won at Lily Warrior ! For what ? Because it is the color of energy, of magical hours when the sun rises or sets and gives this perfect skin texture, and transcends us without the need for artificial filters.

ORANGE combines the energy of red (our warrior side) and yellow energy (our happy lily side). This combination of the two colors evokes: joy, the tropics, the sun, determination, success, stimulation. In short, it is the color of women who become a better version of themselves every day! However, we allow ourselves to change colors depending on our moods, the time of year (a beautiful red logo for Christmas), or whatever.

There you go, you know everything about our logo Lily Warrior !

The Lili Warrior team
Athleisure, eco-responsible and socially impactful
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