Trek au Népal : celui d'octobre 2024 sera le dernier

Trek in Nepal: the one in October 2024 will be the last

Want to surpass yourself?
To seek the Strength within you?
Be like the warriors of 2023 who came with Valérie Orsoni, our founder, and came back transformed and come trek to Nepal with us !

PLEASE NOTE: this will mark our last Nepal trek with LiliWarrior in Nepal so don't postpone it until 2025, because there won't be one!

This fall, we have prepared an absolutely sublime trek for you that crosses the superb Nepalese landscapes. Our guide knows us well because he was with us in 2023 and Valérie Orsoni made a few climbs with him.

At the end of this trek , we will all climb a 5000m peak which will show us that we are much stronger than we think.

And then, for those who want to push themselves even more, Mera Peak (6476m) will open its arms to us. This summit is absolutely non-technical and is accessible to any MOTIVATED person who has followed our training plan to put all the chances on their side.

So, yes, it lasts more than a week, that's true BUT it allows us to really disconnect from the world, from our work, from our family, and therefore to focus on ourselves to transform ourselves and become more STRONG.

It's a question of priorities: do I want to cultivate my Strength, refocus on myself to develop, or do I look for excuses to postpone my personal development until later?

How's it going ?

We meet in Kathmandu and we spend 18 days together walking, talking, learning, surpassing ourselves, and discovering breathtaking landscapes. By the way, gifts for you: from a large LiliWarrior travel bag , to an embroidered t-shirt, bracelet or other…..

The details of this trek are described in the product sheet: TREK IN NEPAL OCTOBER 2024

Don't hesitate any longer and go for hesitate is to waste time, to hesitate is to find excuses for not growing.


ps: possibility of payment in several installments without fees

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