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TROPIC: sand-repellent beach towel

TROPIC: a beach towel like no other!



The first sand-repellent beach towel! I'm a fan!


Large size beach towel


100% sustainable


Our beach towel is made from wood pulp and recycled polyester


Repels sand (super practical!)


Our beach towel dries very quickly

If you're wondering how we make microfiber from wood pulp, you're not alone.

Here are the steps.

Manufacturing microfibers (used in our beach towel ) from wood pulp involves several complex steps that transform the natural raw material into fibers that can be used for various textile products.

Here's a look at the process

Extraction of Wood Pulp

Choice of Wood: Selection of appropriate wood (often eucalyptus, beech or pine wood) because of its specific properties.

Decomposition : Wood is broken down into chips which are then chemically treated to extract the pulp. This step often involves the use of solvents to dissolve the lignin and hemicelluloses, leaving only the cellulose fibers.

Cellulose Dissolution

Solvents : Wood pulp is dissolved in a solvent to create a cellulose solution. One of the most common processes is the lyocell process, which uses a non-toxic organic solvent (NMMO - N-Methylmorpholine N-oxide).

Fiber Spinning

Extrusion : The cellulose solution is extruded through spinnerets to form long, continuous fibers.

Regeneration : The extruded fibers pass into a coagulation bath where the solvent is extracted, and the cellulose regenerates into solid fibers.

Washing and Drying

Cleaning : The regenerated fibers are washed to remove any residue of solvent or other chemicals.

Drying : The fibers are then dried to prepare for the following processing steps.

Processing and Finishing

Stretching : Fibers can be stretched to improve their strength and flexibility.

Cutting and Assembly : The dry fibers are then cut and can be spun to create yarns, or used directly in the manufacture of non-woven fabrics. And presto, we will be able to combine this material with polyester and release a beach towel at the cutting edge of eco-responsibility.

Manufacturing of Microfiber Products like our beach towel

Weave or Non-Woven : Microfiber yarns can be woven into fabrics, or used in non-woven manufacturing processes to create products like wipes, cleaning cloths, etc. This is the case with our beach towel, TROPIC.

Finishes : Final products may undergo various treatments to improve their properties, such as absorption, softness, or antimicrobial treatments. This is what makes our beach towel super nice and practical.

If you were looking for the most practical beach towel, which dries super quickly and which does not bring back 2 kilos of sand on each family outing, well here is your #1 choice!

Its name ? TROPIC

We called it TROPIC and this beach towel will quickly become your best friend for any trips to the beach!

Good for the planet

Made from wood pulp (read how we do it below) and recycled polyester


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