terracotta tenue fitness

Terracotta: our classic and elegant shaping outfit

Finally, an outfit in terracotta tones !

We had never left it.

And yet, the terracotta color goes very well with all seasons, it is so elegant!

"Scrunch" style with small strategically placed pleats to draw the eye away from problem areas.

New bra design with excellent support

Suitable for all breasts

Shaping and enhancing leggings

The leggings can be worn alone with a white shirt, a t-shirt or our Navy Crux sleeveless top

Terracotta, what does that mean?

The term "terracotta" comes from the Italian "terra cotta", which means "terracotta". It refers to a porous ceramic made from clay which takes on a characteristic reddish color after firing. This color can vary from yellow-orange to brick red, depending on the composition of the clay and the firing methods used.

Terracotta is often used to make flower pots, tiles, sculptures, and other decorative or utilitarian objects. It is appreciated for its natural warm color and matte finish. In addition to its usage in pottery, the term "terracotta" can also refer to this specific color, used in various contexts, including fashion, interior design, and makeup.

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