Nautica : notre tenue fitness couvrante est sortie !

Nautica: our full-coverage fitness outfit is out!

Are you looking for a covering fitness outfit? Do not go ! We have what you need !

Our brand new collection, NAUTICA is the perfect combination of a top that covers the abdomen, leggings with exterior pockets that still look like a gazelle's thigh, and original details on the back of the bra!

Why do we love it and are we proud to offer it to you?

For all these reasons :

  • Covering bra at stomach level
  • Excellent bust support
  • Emphasizes the natural curves of the body
  • In-de-for-ma-ble bra shell!
  • Back of the bra super original and elegant with its little bow
  • Excellent hold under the arms (hides the bulge traditionally located there)
  • High-waisted shaping leggings
  • Large, super practical external pockets
  • Emphasizes curves with thin thighs effect
  • Sheath the stomach
  • Cut above the ankle
  • Wide belt that holds the stomach well
  • Logo in vegan ink

In short, if you need a classic colored outfit that covers the belly, this is it!

The Lili Warrior team

Athleisure, eco-responsible and socially impactful
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