Brassières pour améliorer la santé de ton dos

Improve your back health!

Because for certain physical activities, maximum support is required! Otherwise, beware of back problems!

Want to run?
Does this new HIIT class appeal to you?
Is a TABATA a necessity after a few "lazy" weeks?

In short, are you preparing for an intense activity? So you need the bra that holds well!

Here is our selection:


A well suported chest means a healthier back!

Wearing the right bra during intense physical activities is essential for several reasons, especially when it comes to back health:

1. Adequate Support : A proper sports bra provides adequate support to the chest. During physical activities, the breasts can move a lot, putting additional pressure on the back and shoulders, especially if the chest is large. A good bra reduces this movement, thereby reducing tension on the upper body.

2. Reduced pain : Insufficient support can lead to muscle pain and tension in the back and shoulders. By providing firm support, the sports bra helps prevent this pain, allowing for more comfortable and longer sports practice.

3. Improved posture : A well-fitted bra helps maintain good posture during exercise. This is particularly important when doing exercises that put intense strain on the back, such as running, jumping, or impact sports. Good posture helps prevent injuries and chronic back pain.

4. Injury Prevention : By stabilizing the breasts and reducing their movement, a good sports bra helps prevent repetitive strain injuries that can occur from continuous vibration during activities like running or jumping.

5. Increased comfort : In addition to providing support, sports bras are often made of breathable materials and designed to wick away sweat, increasing comfort during exercise. This may encourage greater adherence to a regular exercise routine, benefiting general health and well-being.

Choosing a sports bra that fits you perfectly, both in size and level of support, is crucial to reaping all these benefits, especially for women with larger busts.


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