serviette de plage anti sable

A towel that doesn't retain sand? How does it work?

I love using TROPIC with my kids! Not a grain of sand brought home after a day at the beach!

Our TROPIC towel, which we presented to you in a previous post, is more than just a beach towel!

  • It's a large beach towel, so goodbye to protruding feet !
  • It’s a 100% sustainable beach towel, so hello to a happier planet!
  • It's a quick-dry beach towel, so goodbye to the smell of a wet towel that follows us everywhere
  • And above all, the material we use does not stick to sand !

Finally, a towel that doesn't bring back grains of sand everywhere.

Classic beach towels may be beautiful, fancy, and other things, but if they are traditional, i.e. with loops, they inevitably “capture” grains of sand.

And they end up everywhere: in the car, in your beach bag, at home, on your clothes. In short, an invasion!


Discover TROPIC

How does it work?

It is very simple ! By using a "flat", featureless and soft fabric, nothing can cling to it, whether grains of sand, blades of grass or other twigs.

Try it and you'll see! You will be convinced!

Grab one for each member of the family while they are still in stock.

Dont forget: TROPIC is 100% recycled and the inks we use are vegan and biodegradable!


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