Notre nouvelle plateforme ambassadrice est prête !

Our new ambassador platform is ready!

Tadaaa! Since our beginnings, we have used an ad hoc ambassador platform with a lot of manuals and not really any real space for our ambassadors.

So, since we are launching our brand new site in a few days, we decided to take the opportunity to release a brand new, cutting-edge platform that will allow you to better manage your sales and commissions!

This platform will officially come into service once the new site is launched BUT you can already apply in order to be accepted and to fully understand how the platform works from the start!

Not only will you be able to generate commissions that can be transformed into LiliWarrior vouchers or cash with € transfer from Paypal, but you will also be able to recruit affiliates who will be attached to you. This will allow you to receive commissions on your friends' sales.

To apply in advance, click here:

From the platform, you will have access to images of the products to promote, to special offers reserved for ambassadors, such as, for example, super preview product releases (sometimes, even 6 months before the official release), and other .

Your reports will be calculated in real time which will give you a good dose of motivation!

And of course, if you have any questions, you can always contact us on the ambassadors’ FB group.

Want to generate more income? You can recruit friends to become affiliates in your network and receive a percentage of their sales. By motivating your team, you can achieve very comfortable monthly income.

You can choose to be paid in vouchers valid on LiliWarrior or in euros, by Paypal transfer.

ps: want to be an ambassador, but don't want to create images, promotional texts or anything else? You can join an existing team so that you only have to forward their creations to your friends to motivate them to dress LiliWarrior!

Questions ? Write to us at!

The Lili Warrior team
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