Préparatifs pour notre Corsica Coaching 2024

Preparations for our Corsica Coaching 2024 Retreat

The warriors of our LILIWARRIOR EXPERIENCE CORSICA COACHING 2024 will arrive on June 1st.

For them, we have been working tirelessly for a week to set everything up. We arrived exactly 7 days before the warriors, on an Air Corsica flight, our official sponsor and favorite airline.

Schedules, menus, activities, the LiliWarrior boutique, and the beauty zone will all be meticulously organized thanks to our national Gwen.
From the first arrivals at 9:30 AM to the last at 9:00 PM, the warriors will be welcomed with a matcha ceremony organized by our sponsor SandBird.

During this ceremony, we will enjoy homemade matcha prepared by Zuliya and set our intentions for the upcoming week.

Gift distribution throughout the week will ensure that each warrior can enjoy the fantastic contributions we have received! High-end beauty products, gluten-free food items, premium olive oil from Spain, and a huge gift the night before departure, and more, await our participants who will be pampered!

After months of preparation and organization, it's time to kick off the LILIWARRIOR EXPERIENCE CORSICA COACHING 2024 week!

Interested in being part of CORSICA COACHING 2025? It's possible! Keep an eye on and in the coming days, you will see the new program available so you can plan ahead!

Just before the warriors' arrival, the support team enjoyed a dive for one and a first dive for the others, to clear our minds.

A huge thank you to Domaine Arcobiato and ArcoPlage and to Émilie (on the left in the photo), the owner, for their constant help in making this stay a real success. And also to Céline, who provides us with lemons from her garden!

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